Win cash and prizes with a couple of great people! They need your vote to participate in Ford’s Escape Routes.

I love these guys – send them your vote, please!

Our last interview with the team is at

Vote for the team at Escape Routes 1st Challenge

About Escape Routes

“Escape Routes is a unique road-trip competition with real-world challenges featuring the all-new Ford Escape. The format allows the teams to solve physical and mental challenges in real time while their social circle of fans and followers play along virtually. Each week, the six two-person teams will arrive in a new city to compete in a series of spontaneous adventures and interactive social gaming challenges using their Escapes.

Each stop will engage their online followers and tap into the fabric of the local culture. All teams will live together, allowing live-streaming for fans to pull their social graph into the adventure.”

From Ford Motor Company, here’s more information about the challenge/show/game.

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